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Online Video Poker

Why are more people playing video poker online? Some say itís better than casino video poker, some say itís worse and some say itís the same. A lot of people like casino video poker for the lights and sounds and action. At the same time many say they like online video poker because it doesnít have all those lights, noise and commotion. Basically, it all comes down to what you want to get from the experience of playing video poker.

The transition to playing online is quite smooth for video poker players. Video poker is essentially a sit down and play game, with one player, no dealer and a game where concentration is important. Video poker players can get this same sort of game play at home. The ability to concentrate on your game is an important factor. People, who play video poker online at home, can significantly reduce the casino edge by the increased ability to concentrate. There no lights and noise to distract you and you can give the game your full attention.

Much of the literature on video poker largely ignores the subject of online video poker. Since online video poker has become so widely available, the owners of land based casinos donít really want you to know that you can improve your game by playing online. They donít like the idea of casino players playing on their own away from the casino. Land based casinos know that itís easy for video poker players to learn the game and switch to playing online from visiting a land based casino.

Often video poker players switch to playing online for the ways in which players receive bonuses online. People who play video poker online receive comps before they even play. Most online casinos will provide you with up to $200 of playing money to get you started. Land based casinos only offer you comps after you play based on how much you play and how often. This way of giving comps works fine for the casino, but itís not as nice as someone giving you free credits just for walking through the door!

The latest development in online gaming is mobile gaming. Not only has online video poker allowed players to play from home, they can now play virtually anywhere. Modern PDAs (personal data assistants) and cell phones offer technology that allows people to place online casino games for free or for real money! Thereís nothing like playing a couple hands of online video poker while you are waiting for the bus!

Where To Play?

Any online search for video poker will reveal an endless number of sites to wade through. When you find an online casino that offers video poker you should be sure to check a few things before you commit any money to them.

Check to see if they offer a free game and try it out! Nothing beats practicing and you can check out how their games and software work. Make sure they have top notch customer support. You donít have to be a member to call to why not call and ask them some questions about their video poker games. If they are not friendly and not open 24 hours, move on. Ensure wherever you play they are associated with professional gaming authorities and audited by third party auditing firms. Stick to online casinos that offer you a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods. Mobile gambling for real money is new and relatively rare, but if thatís your thing, check into that as well. Finally, make sure you read all terms and conditions before you play so you arenít disappointed later.

#1 Online Casino: Golden Palace

If you havenít heard of this casino, you soon will. This highly rated and popular online casino meets all our requirements above and more! These folks know how to have good honest fun, inside and outside of their online casino. Check out their events section for a good laugh Ö

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